The friendship and historic ties between Texas and Mexico.

Authentic Mexican gastronomical heritage and culture.

The best talent in Mexican Culinary achievement from Mexico and the United States. 

The Hispanic Alliance empowers the Hispanic community by providing access to resources, arts education and business mentorship.



This year marks the 7th Anniversary of the Authentic Mexico Gourmet Gala where we celebrate and support the success of The Hispanic Alliance. 

The Hispanic Alliance provides access to resources for the Hispanic community in Central Texas. It sponsors two programs: Austin Soundwaves and Emprendedor U, both of which empower individuals through education and arts in order to help them realize their full potential. The Hispanic Alliance is also currently incubating OLEH, a program that offers entrepreneurship and personal development education to Hispanic women.

The theme of this year’s Gala revolves around the Mexican state of Jalisco. “Jalisco es México” (Jalisco is Mexico) reads the state’s motto. In this wonderful state located in Western Mexico you can find the Mariachi band playing music with joy and great mastery; you can also experience one of the most representative traditions in Jalisco, the Charreria, a beautiful festival where brave women and men challenge the luck of the rope while riding their horses. 

In Jalisco you will find some of the finest tequila, distilled from the juice of the agave cactus and named after a town in Jalisco and one of the state’s best worldwide-known products.

Jalisco is also known for having some of the most beautiful corners of Mexico. From the glorious beaches of Puerto Vallarta to the Chapala Lake and shopping in Tlaquepaque and Tonala for artisan products.  Jalisco’s delicious cuisine is the result of the fusion of pre-Hispanic and colonial roots with traditional techniques and flavors that give it a unique personality. From the coastal fish and seafood to the hearty meat dishes of the northern and central parts of the state, Jalisco offers a varied and tasty regional cuisine, with the characteristic flavor of chile bringing it all together. 

Much like the cultural and culinary treasures of Jalisco, the beneficiaries of The Hispanic Alliance programs have the spirit to thrive by the power of education. It is the mission of The Hispanic Alliance to support the participant goals and add to the fabric of Austin’s art and business core. We are proud and grateful for all of the wonderful things we are achieving and the way we are transforming lives in Central Texas. We hope you enjoy the tastes of this year’s cuisine from Jalisco and savor the unique experience of this amazing Mexican state.

Erica Saenz                   
Eric Copper                             
Eddie Rodriguez - State Representative           

Authentic Mexico Gala